A Grand Misconception

by Kalpa

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warren barton A Grand Misconception leaps right out of the speakers and blasts you with its sludgy hardcore metallic awesomeness. Kalpa are extremely talented guys and are ones to keep a eye on! Fantastic album start to finish. Favorite track: No Discount.
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released April 2, 2019

All music and lyrics written & performed by Kalpa

Recorded, engineered & mixed by Diogenes Kyratzoglou @ Piper Studio, Athens (GR) during March-June 2018

Produced by Kalpa & Diogenes Kyratzoglou

Mastered by Brad Boatright @ Audiosiege Engineering, Portland (OR)

Cover art & layout by Kalpa

Soon to be released on 450 copies of 12" black vinyl by:
the band
Pandora Records(DE)
Mërda Distro(ES)
Bike Punk Salamanca(ES)
Prejudice Me Records and Distro(UK)
Falköping DIY(SE)
Nothing to Harvest Records(GR)
Sweetohm Recordings(GR)
Vault Relics(GR)
Underground Union Records(GR)
Body Blows Records(GR)
Ομάδα Πείραμα Distro(GR)

Co-released on 100 copies of Cassette/Tape by:
the band
Pattern Recognition Records(US)

Released on 100 copies of CD by the band


all rights reserved



Kalpa Athens, Greece

Kalpa is a loud DIY hardcore band located in Athens, GR.

Tempus Anima Rei.

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Track Name: Cross Sections
When did everything turn into shit?
You always planned for later. But when will you think for now?
If you think life's a game, there's no restart button.
Quit trying to feel so unique.
It's funny how all plans end the same, but denial is hilarious.
My heart is the tightest cell, cemented in compromise and caged by fear. If love's left unshared, it'll turn into hate.
A cross section mentality of contradictory living founded my dishonest individuality.
I don't know who I am anymore and who I want to be. I just hope there's still time to find out. Is it too late?
Track Name: Bystanders
Innocent bystanders soaked in amazement.
“What if this happened to us”, they ask in shock. “Are we not in control?” Well, guess what.
The culture you bred came to haunt the reputable and leave no privilege on sight.
Ignorant and truant you’ll demolish what you’ve built by doing nothing about it, as it was meant to be.
Maybe a glimpse of thinking will save us a reboot. But hey, there’s lots of blame to toss.
Don’t let it go to waste. Better look back and don’t make the same mistakes. No one is innocent.
Track Name: It's Not Always About You
No trip is perfect when you are headed to your mediocre reality.
I have to break out.
We are all searching for love.
We can be cruel. We can cause pain. We won’t back down.
We’ll force ourselves. My needs always first, love is selfish.
Have you ever tried to empathize?
When I knew I liked it, I thought I was wrong.
Who can tell if I was? Who can tell if I wasn’t?
It’s not always about you.
Track Name: Discomfort/Anxiety
Discomfort is what I’m taught. Anxiety is what I’m used to.
I meet dead ends. I’m forced to cross them.
It contradicts, so what?
I just have to grow up. So there’s that.
Sad hearts, hate eyes.
We don’t know about common courtesy. That’s because it doesn’t exist. Silence is bleeding. Talkback is sweat.
People, I heard. People, let’s doubt all what is known.
Track Name: No Discount
When plans stay plans? Where action fails?
Lack of nerve, trembling spine.
We lived through darker times, but that's no excuse.
No more promises. No more waiting.
I'm not a product on a shelf. There is no discount on my future.
There were many ways to escape, but it wasn't honest.
I knew it first and foremost.
What passes as normal doesn’t add up.
What passes as survival is denial of life.
Don't silence the voices. Every breath feels shorter.
My wants will not fade.
They will turn into curses to bear till the end.
Track Name: Open Parties, Empty Streets
Self-awareness was murdered and we danced on its remains.
We had free drinks on the backs of rebelling and an open buffet to feed our misconceptions.
There goes one more eulogy for anxiety.
There goes one more.
Tomorrow's another day to be bitter for the change that didn't come last night.
So cheers to that.
Rock-stars are dead. That's how it should be.
For those who are not, we're aiming at you, stages to trash and shoes belong to the floor.
Track Name: Paper Walls
Open your laugh bag. My stock is empty.
In these funny times, I don't afford to laugh.
How ironic? How funny?
Open your laugh bag. My stock is empty.
What's life without humor?
No fun.
My stock is empty. I'm sure, there are no perspectives.
It’s only you against the world.
Trying to see the bright side made darkness seem darker.
Track Name: A Grand Misconception
All these things I do and all these things I should do never meet.
All these things I’ve done and all these things I shouldn’t are the same. They always say I’ve got to get better at everything.
But what is “everything”?
It’s what I’ve got to do to survive this thing.
No one ever knows though what “everything” means.
This is the grand misconception of everything.
Decency’s at stake.
How much more heat will you take?
How much more skin you’ll peel off to feel a breeze?
Turn this breeze into wind.
We are bound to give up by default. Redefine everything.
Odds were always against us and still we made it so far.
How much fight do you still have inside you?

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